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We have in stock brand new filters in the following sizes:

495 x 495 x 50495 x 395 x 50622 x 395 x 50

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Honeycomb Grease Filters
Designed for use in cooking exhaust systems.


Honeycomb grease filters are made from high quality acid resistant aluminum throughout. The filter media is made from 50mm wide aluminum foil, which is specially corrugated into a herringbone shaped channel. This foil when placed one on top of the other will form a curved honeycomb channel. When the incoming grease laden air passes through this media, the air changes direction. The resultant change in inertia causes the grease to cling and condense onto the aluminum surface. This prevents grease form entering the exhaust system.

This honeycomb media is encased in a 50mm thick aluminum extruded frame, which is screwed together. All frames have drain holes for the cooking fat to drain in to the canopy channels. All filters are fitted with steel plated retractable handles. Large D handles, which are fitted offset, are also available on request at extra cost.

Honeycomb filters are fully washable panel filter units. They provide extremely low resistance to air flow and ease of cleaning.

Performance and Test Results:

Our honeycomb grease filters have been laboratory tested by James M Fricker Pty Ltd. The results of this test are as follows:



Honeycomb grease filters must always be installed with its face at not more than 30° from the vertical to minimize the possibility of grease dripping off the filter face. It is important to ensure that the filter is installed with the cell layer vertical i.e. with the handles on the vertical side of the filter. Under no circumstances must the filter be installed with the layer going horizontally.

Maintenance / Service:

Honeycomb grease filters must be cleaned regularly to minimize the possibility of collected grease dropping back in the semi – liquid form of the cell. Cleaners containing caustic solution must not be used as they will corrode the aluminum form which the unit is made.

commercial kitchen hood filter cleaning

Hood filters should be cleaned on a regular cleaning schedule to keep them free of grease and able to provide maximum filtering capabilities.

If hood filters are neglected, they can’t do their job – which is to provide a flame barrier in the event of a cooking fire below and to catch grease laden vapours before they reach the duct system.

When hood filters are clogged from infrequent cleaning, it causes many problems including extreme fire hazards, higher electricity costs, and strain on the exhaust system that hampers the ability to pull heat and smoke from the kitchen not to mention voiding most insurance policies .